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Spotify’s Big Shift: 1,000 Plays to Pay - What It Means for Artists

Hey there, music aficionados and creators of the One City Music Group community! 🎶 We've got some industry buzz that's stirring up the scene. Spotify, the streaming giant we all know, is making a bold move in 2024 that's raising some eyebrows. From next year, tracks will need a whopping 1,000 plays before they start earning royalties. Yep, you heard that right - 1,000 plays!

This change aims to filter out tracks earning less than five cents per month, which currently amounts to about 200 plays in the US. By doing this, Spotify believes it will redirect funds more efficiently within its royalty pool. In 2024 alone, they expect to shift $40 million from tracks under 1,000 streams to those above this threshold.

Now, not everyone's tuning into this rhythm. Critics argue that this move might discourage emerging artists, especially those struggling to hit that 1,000-play milestone. They question the message being sent to aspiring musicians - why not pay an artist even for fewer streams?

So, what does this mean for you, the vibrant artists and fans of One City Music Group? It's a call to band together, amplify our voices, and ensure our music hits those high notes on the streaming charts. Let's keep the rhythm alive and the dreams soaring!

And hey, if you've got a demo that's itching to make waves, send it our way at

Let's make music that moves the world! 🌍


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