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Understanding the Monthly Active User Metric: What You Need to Know

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

In the music industry, the Monthly Active User (MAU) metric has become a common yardstick for measuring reach and engagement. However, it’s essential to demystify this metric and understand its limitations. Here’s a breakdown:

What Is MAU?

Monthly Active Users (MAUs) are individuals who visit a website or use an app at least once within a given month. It’s a metric used by social platforms and digital service providers (DSPs) to showcase their reach and growth.

The Deceptive Nature of MAU

1. Lack of Standardization: There’s no unified definition of MAUs, leading to confusion. Companies can interpret MAU in ways that benefit them, making it a less reliable metric.

2. Monthly Doesn’t Equal Active: In an era of real-time data, labeling someone as “active” based on a once-a-month interaction seems outdated and misleading.

3. Platform Engagement: Platforms like Spotify possess detailed user engagement data but choose not to disclose it publicly, raising questions about transparency.

4. Segmentation: MAU fails to differentiate between users who engage occasionally and those who are highly active. This oversimplification can be deceptive.

MAU’s Flaws

MAU is akin to counting someone as a TV viewer because they briefly glanced at a screen in an electronics store. It treats minimal interaction the same as frequent engagement.

A Better Approach

Instead of relying solely on MAU, it’s crucial to consider more nuanced metrics like daily or hourly user numbers for a clearer picture of engagement.

In conclusion, MAU is a flawed metric that oversimplifies user engagement and can be manipulated for marketing purposes. Understanding its limitations is essential for making informed decisions in the digital music landscape.


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