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Introducing Lauren Williams: The New Powerhouse at One City Music Group

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Headshot of new Label Manager, Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams, One City Music Group Label Manager

Little Elm, Texas - November 15, 2023 — Big news from the One City Music Group team! We're super excited to welcome the newest member of our team, Lauren Williams, as our dynamic Label Manager! Lauren's journey in the entertainment world, combined with her deep-seated love for music, makes her an invaluable addition to our crew.

Lauren's Odyssey: From Silver Screen to Music Dreams

Lauren's professional path is a tale of evolution and passion. Her adventure began in the bustling streets of Los Angeles, working with Warner Brothers in the film industry. Yet, it was the pulsating beats of music that truly captured her heart.

Transitioning from the glitz of film to the groove of music, Lauren kickstarted her musical voyage at Giant Records, an indie label. She then amplified her impact at Capitol Records, handling business affairs and licensing, which honed her expertise in the music biz.

Rediscovering the Beat: Lauren's Musical Awakening

Lauren's journey took a detour as she explored roles as a researcher with lobbying firms and a librarian. But the call of music was irresistible. Her passion reignited, especially recalling her days in Dublin during the late '80s rave scene, where her love for House music took root.

Lauren + One City Music Group: A Symphony in the Making

Lauren's rich tapestry of experiences and her undying enthusiasm for music make her an ideal match for One City Music Group. As our Label Manager, she's set to orchestrate our diverse music catalog, collaborate with our amazing artists, and propel our label to new heights.

At One City Music Group, we're all about connecting souls through dance and rhythm. Our portfolio spans six unique labels:

  1. One City Music Group (our flagship)

  2. One City Future Sounds (Trance/Progressive House)

  3. Amaterasu Music (Dubstep/Bass)

  4. TekMetro (Techno)

  5. Twilite Groove Factory (Bass House/Tech House)

  6. Ritmo De La Noche (Deep/Soulful House)

With Lauren's arrival, we're doubling down on our commitment to craft tunes that resonate worldwide, spark creativity, and spread joy.

Let's give a massive shoutout to Lauren Williams as she starts this thrilling chapter with One City Music Group. Together, we're set to churn out heart-thumping melodies and foot-tapping beats!

Stay tuned, folks – there's a lot more musical enchantment on the horizon!


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