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Come Prepared to One City Music and Art Festival

One City Music and Art Festival is here. Walk through the gates of One City ready for the big day. We have compiled a few experience. With a little preparation you can enhance your experience. Check out these tips.

Prepare For The Weather It’s always a good idea to bring a poncho along on your trip as well as rain boots to keep your toes nice and dry. A soggy outfit can make for a long day so plan accordingly. It’s better to be prepared for the conditions instead of being letting the conditions ruin your day.

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Review The Map The festival map will be your best friend in getting around the venue. There are four stages at One City Music and Art Festival. Get familiar with the stages before you head to the venue.

Stay Hydrated Water is your most important friend at a festival. Bring a hydration pack to stay full of fluids you would other wise loose on the dancefloor. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to do at a music festival.

Bring Your ID’s and Tickets One of the biggest nightmares for all festival travelers is leaving home without your festival ticket. Double check before you leave home that you have your ticket for your entry into you festival experience.

With a little preparation you will be “Festival Ready” in no time! While this list is not inclusive, these tips will keep you comfortable during your festival experience.

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