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One City Music & Art Festival Raises $1000 for Dallas and Denton Charities

One City Music Group and

EDM DFW are proud to announce the 2018 One City Music and Art Festival charity drive raised $1000 benefiting children’s homeless shelter, Vogel Alcove and Denton community organization, Keep Denton Beautiful. Through the collaborative efforts of DFW musicians, artists and volunteers, each charity received a $500 donation.

One City Music and Art Festival’s motto is “Party With A Purpose.” According to Founder Brandon Webb,”Our goal has always been to get young people excited and active in regards to helping level up their community. We use music and art as a bridge to connect with our community. Most importantly, our movement is bigger than music. It’s about the people who live in the cities we call home. We truly are One City.”

90 plus musicians came from across the country to participate in the second year of the annual event. Held at

The Parker’s Plantation in Denton, Tx, the event also served as a voter registration home for Rock The Vote. Over 20 people registered to vote during the two-day event. This aligns with the “Party With a Purpose” mission by empowering young people to exercise their right to vote.

The Charities

Vogel Alcove gives homeless families a chance to overcome their circumstances. Their highly-trained teachers and staff provide therapeutic early childhood and school-aged programs, family support and physical/mental health services, all tailored to the needs of homeless children ages six weeks to 12 years old. Vogel Alcove is located in The Cedars neighborhood of Dallas, TX. Learn more about Vogel Alcove at

Using the Keep America Beautiful model of community engagement, building community gardens and organizing litter control campaigns. KDB works directly with Denton residents, Dentonites, to inspire positive change. They provide residents the resources they need to leave a lasting mark on the beauty, health, and quality of life in their city. More than 6,000 volunteers “Keep Denton Beautiful” by supporting dozens of community improvement projects each year. Learn more about Keep Denton Beautiful at

For more information about One City Music and Art Festival, follow the annual event on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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