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Who Is The Little Boy From One City? Each And Every One Of Us

One City Music & Art Festival features a young boy who travels through our music experiences with his big teddy bear and backpack. Who is this young boy? The story begins with out first One City Music & Art Festival. Vogel Alcove, a non-profit organization based in Dallas, TX, helps to break the cycle of child homelessness. Their mission and work in the city of Dallas inspired us to incorporate a symbol of hope and the children who are a part of this vicious cycle that is problematic in cities across the country.

During the initial design sessions of One City Music & Art Festival, it was clear to our team to create a visual representation of this social cause. Child homelessness affects more than 3,000 children in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. There are far too many children who sleep each night without a place to call home. This mind blowing fact was a deciding factor to ensure our music experiences remind attendees of a larger cause at work. This is why we “Party With a Purpose.”

You never see the child’s face, but you see him facing a big world that he has to experience on his own. Going to One City is his safe harbor. He is free from harm, judgement and the tough world similar to our guests who find an escape at our events. We “Party With a Purpose” and support amazing causes like Vogel Alcove. While we don’t make the financial impact of a huge corporate donor, we strive to move the dance music community of Dallas-Fort Worth to support charitable causes outside the scope of our normal nightlife activities.

We believe in the values of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Responsibility. The acronym P.L.U.R is a belief system ravers and festival travelers share. The core theme is to take care of one another. We must do our part to take care of those in our community. Every child deserves peace. They need love physically, mentally and emotionally to develop into future leaders. Breaking the cycle of homelessness provides unity within the family which in turn provides a solid foundation for children to build upon. Children need to learn the concept of respect for others and themselves. Removing chaos from their lives provides a better opportunity to discover these character building traits. Most importantly, it is our responsibility to help others.

Who is the boy on our One City Flyer? He could be any one of us. No one is immune to life’s crazy circumstances. Many families are one or two paychecks away from being unable to pay the rent, which could lead to homelessness. Let’s remember to take care of one another and do our part to care for the ones who don’t have a choice in the circumstances they are in.

To make a donation to Vogel Alcove, text the code EDMDFW to the number 91999. You can follow Vogel Alcove on social media as well.

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