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WAUK Performs At The L.T.E End Of Summer Bash

WAUK heads to the End of Summer Bash hosted by Lean Town Electric (L.T.E) on Saturday, Sept. 1st, in Abilene, TX. WAUK joins a cast of dance music talent that stretches from Abilene, San Angelo and DFW. Dance music is everywhere and West Texas is no exception. This is WAUK’s first performance in Abilene and his set features original music from the HOPE EP. The HOPE EP has four tracks with progressive sounds, Take a listen below.

Abilene,also known as Lene Town, is a fertile ground for West Texas Dance Music. Lean Town Electric was formed to spread positive energy and vibes through their dance music community of Abilene.

Info Lean Town Electric Presents The End of Summer Bash The Zone Bar and Grill 4638 S 14th St. Abilene, TX 79605

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