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Tips To Increase Brand Awareness in 2018

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Musicians, artists and event planners are constantly looking for ways to increase their online reach and raise awareness about their brand. Living in a digital world makes it easier to connect with people than any other time in human existence. There are many platforms out there that help connect artists with their desired audience, but not all are created equal. We focus on the main platforms every artist should have. These are the standard tools to connect to a digital world in 2018.

YouTube: Connect with your audience through the power of video. YouTube has long been a source for information including “how to” videos and is a primary platform for Vlogging. A Vlog, or video blog, allows you to tell your story in your own words. Share your thoughts, ideas and opinions. It’s a great way to let your audience keep track of your events and projects while hearing about it from the most reliable source, you! Fans love a behind the scenes look at artists working so be sure to include content from the studio or office.

Facebook Business/Artist Page: Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world. 88% of people ages 18-29 have a Facebook profile according to Pew Research Center. Other than Google, most searches about your event or project will start here. Be sure to fill out the “About” section on your Facebook business page to ensure people can answer the follow questions.

  1. Who are you? (Tell your story through a quick biography)

  2. What does your business do? (Artists what type of music do you create or mix?)

  3. Who are your influences

  4. Where are you from?

  5. How do I get in contact with you for press or booking opportunities?

— Hip Hop DFW (@hiphop_dfw) November 10, 2017

Twitter: Twitter is a great tool to connect with the prime demographic for entertainment events. According to Sprout Social, 36% of 18–29 year-olds use Twitter and 23% of 30–49 year-olds use Twitter. Twitter can seem overwhelming at first but consistent posting with varied and engaging content will help you connect with your audience. Use hashtags to connect with local audiences. Hashtags are also a great way for audiences to fins your specific sound or type of event. For example, if you are a techno musician, try using hashtags like #Techno or #TechHouse to find or connect with people who have an interest in that genre of music.

A post shared by EDM DFW (@edmdfw) on Dec 30, 2017 at 11:35am PSTInstagram: Images and video are key for to managing a strong Instagram account. Like Twitter, you can find and connect with your audience through the use of hashtags. Vary the content that you post to avoid being spammy. In otherwords, don’t post the same flyer multiple times in your feed. Give Instagram time to work by utilizing hashtags specific to your audience.

Spotify/iTunes/Mixcloud/Soundcloud: As a musician it is of utmost importance that your audience has a place to find your music. These platforms have been solely responsible for launching the careers of some musicians. Every song that you release should live on all of these platforms. After you have posted your content to these music sites, share your music to all social media platforms. This increases engagement with your audience.

Professional Website: Having your own website is a great place to have all the above information live in one place. With so many options available, you have numerous ways to present your body of work online. From ecommerce (think online merchandise), ticket sales, event calendars, rich video content, the sky is the limit to what you can do with your own site.

Electronic Press Kit (EPK): An Electronic Press Kit is the perfect way for artists to send their information for potential bookings, press coverage, radio shows and event planners. We will dig deeper into EPK’s in a later post, but it is very important for an artist manager or independent artist to invest the time in creating an EPK. Include your bio, photos, music, videos, and contact information including social media links.

Thank You From Our One City Family

Remember, these tools are the minimum standard to raise awareness for your brand. The new year is a great time to assess your online presence and create tasks to connect with your audience. The pros outweigh the cons of building an online presence. Most importantly it will help you communicate in a digitally connected world.

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