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The Countdown to Miami Music Week and Festival Season


In one month the dance music world will descend upon Miami, Florida. The celebrities of dance music, the up and comers, and the kids following their dreams will network and party while nights turn to morning and the cycle repeats.  Miami is electric during the month of March. The country has a chance to shake winter off and South Florida provides families, students, and tourists much-needed fun in the sun and the opportunity to take a dip in the beautiful Florida waters.

Miami is a world-class city with strong ties to the dance music community.  The nightlife of Miami rivals other destinations such as Las Vegas and New Orleans with the non-stop partying vibe. That is where the similarities end because Miami embodies “sexy” like no other.  It’s just a sexy city.  American pop-culture has given us numerous images of the Miami lifestyle from Scarface to Miami Vice.  The nightlife is Miami is insane. For example, there is a club,

The nightlife in Miami is insane. For example, there is a club ( E11EVEN,) that is open 24 hours. This city is all about trends, fashion, and music. These trends extend to Miami Music Week.  The week-long celebration is unique because you will literally rub elbows with your favorite DJ. In the day time or night, there is a good probability of spotting a DJ on Washington Ave or Collins Ave. So let’s talk about what Miami Music Week is.

Breakfast with friends

What is Miami Music Week?

Miami Music Week is a week-long event taking place March 21st- March 26th.  MMW is a network of venues and artists hosting shows throughout the city of Miami during the week. In 2016 the Miami Music Week website stated 1,180+ artists performed at over 260 events that were hosted at 78 venues though out the city.  The party does not stop.

Miami Music Week provides artists an opportunity to release new music they hope will move dance floors during the summer.  It is amazing how much new music and information is shared during MMW.  Some come to MMW simply to be the first to hear their favorite DJ’s new song before the masses have an opportunity to hear it. Another plus to Miami Music week are the label parties. Imagine your favorite record label throwing a party including the entire label’s roster. Opportunities like this are rare. Just when it could not get any better, Miami Music Week saves the best for last, Ultra Music Festival.

Mainstage at Ultra

What is Ultra Music Festival?

Miami Music Week concludes with the international celebration, Ultra Music Festival. It is a three-day event held in Downtown Miami, Fl. Ultra takes place on the grounds of beautiful Bayfront Park. This urban but spacious park provides plenty of options to dance, lounge, and commune with your festival family.  True to its name, the park is surrounded on its eastern side by Biscayne Bay.  In 2016, an estimated 165,000 people attended Ultra Music Festival. Ultra unites dance music’s worldwide family.   With auxiliary events in Ibiza, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, and Rio de Janeiro, the UMF brand is a global powerhouse.

The 2017 edition of Ultra begins on Friday, March 24th at 4 pm and runs until Sunday, March 26th. General admission tickets are sold out, but those wishing to take it to the next level can purchase VIP here.

[youtube] Ultra Music Festival is a must if you are a fan of dance music. The South Florida atmosphere, Spring Break, the sunshine and palm trees create the perfect vibe to celebrate dance music. If you are not able to make it to Ultra, be sure to view their live stream during the festival.

Nothing signals the start of an industry’s year like Miami Music Week.  Festival season is upon us and we all should be excited because that means new music. It’s time to get excited. South Florida is the place to be and I recommend checking it out.

Miami Music Week

Ultra Music Festival

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