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The Artists of Road to One City Denton: Trip G


Take a three hour and twenty minute drive North of Dallas-Fort Worth and it leads you to one of America’s growing cities, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I-35 runs through the heart of OKC, a resilient city whose hardworking people understand the concept of building and growth to move their city forward.  One of those residents is hip hop artist Trip G.

Hailing from the West side of Oklahoma City, 12th and Portland, to be specific, Trip G is creating a buzz around his musical movement by a steady stream of work and content showcasing his lyrical skills.  For those familiar with Oklahoma city, the West side kid went to school on the city’s East side at Northeast Academy. This allowed him to network early on with people from all sides of the city.

Trip G’s music career started close to home with influences from his father.  His father was a lyricist and rapper as well.  He passed that gift down to his son which Trip G has used to garner awareness and recognition inside and out of his hometown.


Influential leaders in the hip hop industry such as Big Sean, J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, and Kendrick Lamar, have shaped the sound and direction of Trip’s music.  He infuses the struggles of every day life with his motivational sources of God/Goals/Greatness. There is no gimmick with Trip, just the real thing. His authenticity combined with an ability to engage the crowd makes him extremely entertaining to crowd.

Another charismatic quality that resonates with the crowd is how humble he is. He puts in work without boasting or bragging. He comes in and delivers letting his craft handle all the talking. It is truly a sight to see.

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Working with a solid team including DJ Reaper, Dano Productions and friend Jabee, the Oklahoma City artist is aiming to become a household name within the hip hop community and abroad.  Trip G is not afraid to put himself out there by attempting new things. He recently collaborated on the Monster’s Ball Vol VIII project and completed the music video ” I Ain’t With It”,  while finishing his new project “Season One”.


We were able to witness Trip G’s performance first hand at the inaugural One City Music & Art Festival last month as he rocked the diverse crowd, which fed off his energy. The love he received made it a no-brainer to invite Trip G back to the Lone Star State for the launch of our Road to One City Tour in Denton, TX. The college atmosphere and the live music vibe of Denton, TX suits his energetic, fun and charming show.

If you missed his September performance, you are in luck. RSVP to see Trip G at Road to One City: Denton by clicking on the flyer below.

Road to One City: Denton

One City Denton Lineup

Trip G has a strong presence on social media and can be found on your favorite social media platforms.  His new project “Season One” is available for download via you favorite streaming service here.

For Booking: yungtraybooking@gmail

For more information about Trip G, check him out at the following sites.

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