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The Artists of One City Music And Art Festival: Part 5

Our 5th installment of the Artists of One City includes a group from all genres of dance music. There is so much variety in the Dallas Fort Worth dance music scene that it can sometimes be take for granted. Show appreciation to the artists who give their all to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

This installment includes, Kauntize, Landshark, Lee Leprechaun, Little Fohx, Masked and Freed, Mashbit, Miss Genafire, Miss Haze, MØLPUS, MVRKK, Myki, Nik P, Northern Lights, Paul Cypher, PVRTY STVRTERZ, Rayburger, Ricky B, Roy Deestroy and DJ Dancy Doctor.

Landshark Location: Wichita, Kansas Genres: Hardcore, Breakbeats, Jungle Music: Soundcloud Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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