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The Artists Of One City Music and Art Festival: Part 2

The second round of artist profiles for One City Music & Art Festival includes, Autodegenrate, Beefcke, Black Frames, Blitz Gamez, Blud Brothers, Champagne Poppers, Charlie Rocket, CHRS ROZE, Claset and Clean Batch. Let’s dig deeper into the lineup.

The Music

The Artists

AutoDegenerate Location: Lewisville, TX Genres: Psytrance,Trance,Tech house Music: SoundCloud, Social: Facebook

Beefcke Location: Keller, TX Genres: Dance, Dubstep, Trance, Trap Music: Soundcloud, Social: Instagram

Black Frames Location:Dallas, TX Genres:House Music Music: Mixcloud Soundcloud , ReverbNation Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Blitz Gamez Location: New York, New York Genres: House, Bass, Trance Music: Soundcloud Social: Facebook

Blüd Bröthers Location: Dallas, TX Genres: Dubstep, Bass Music: Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Spotify, Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

Champagne Poppers Location: Arlington, TX Genres: Bass Music: Soundcloud, Spotify Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Charlie Rocket Location: Dallas, TX Genres: Electro, Space Punk, Trap, Dubstep, Future Music: Soundcloud, Social: Facebook

CHRS ROZE Location: Macon, GA Genres: House, Bass Music: Soundcloud Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Claset Location: Dallas, Texas Genres: Techno, House Music Music: Soundcloud Social: Facebook, Instagram

Clean Batch Location: Dallas, TX Genres: House Music, Techno Music: Soundcloud Social: Facebook,

One City Music and Art Festival September 15th and 16th The Parker’s Plantation Tickets:

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