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Siri Says Goodbye to DJ Duties: Apple's Voice Plan Drops the Mic!

An Apple logo with headphones on stands close to a microphone. Music notes are in the air
Apple drops the mic

Big news from the tech and tunes world: Apple's shaking up its music streaming game, waving goodbye to its unique, voice-only tier. 🎵👋

Previously, Apple Music's Voice Plan was like having a personal DJ in your pocket, all for $4.99 a month. Unlimited tunes, but here's the twist - you had to chat up Siri to spin your tracks. Now, this budget-friendly beat bonanza is heading out, leaving the stage for its feature-rich siblings.

Driver shifting gears in a car. The gear knob has an Apple logo on it
Apple switching gears.

So what's the deal?

Apple's shifting gears to focus on a richer, more immersive music experience. Think about belting out with Apple Music Sing, getting lost in Spatial Audio's 3D sound, and discovering new beats with intuitive browsing. Every Apple Music plan is already chummy with Siri, but now there's more to explore and enjoy.

For those who rocked the Voice Plan, it's migration time. Whether you're vibing at home or on the move, the change means diving into a sea of features and controls that'll amp up your music journey.

For us DJs and music lovers, it's all about the mix, right? Apple's move might just be a cue to remix how we interact with our tunes. Whether it's on a HomePod Mini or through our headphones, the beat goes on!

Stay tuned and keep grooving!

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Siri Says Goodbye to DJ Duties: Apple's Voice Plan Drops the Mic!" - This headline sparks intrigue with its playful wordplay. The comment captures the sentiment of change in Apple's service, hinting at a shift in how music enthusiasts will engage with their playlists and tunes. It cleverly references the DJ culture and encourages a reflection on how this alteration might redefine our interaction with music, especially through Apple's Voice Plan. The message maintains a lively tone, acknowledging that while Siri might step back from DJ duties, the rhythm of music remains uninterrupted in our lives, be it through HomePod Minis or our trusty headphones. In such circumstances, you should consider buying soundcloud comments:

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29 nov 2023
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Hello! In my opinion this is the right decision. It would be cool if Apple created a built-in converter that would allow you to easily convert videos to mp3 or vice versa, for now you have to use a Mac to do this. Read more about this if you, like me, need to convert video to mp3
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