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One City Headliner Spotlight: Moonstruck Red

Moonstruck is the Founder and CEO of Big Wiener Presents. This kick ass company has hosted numerous events throughout Dallas and has created opportunities for Moonstruck to form solid relationships with people all across the country. All the while, he has done it with his wife, Mia Loveless. The duo has put in a lot of work to keep Happy Hardcore in Dallas Fort Worth.

Brad, Mia DJ S3RL, and Baby Aidan

Recently, Moonstruck entered a new and exciting chapter in his life, Fatherhood. He shares his experiences with his son and it has been entertaining to say the least. This is going to be one cool kid as he is already hanging with topnotch DJ’s. We are grateful for guys like Moonstruck because he keeps life in perspective. His focus is on his son right now and he setting a positive example for Dads through his posts on social media.

One City Music and Art Festival September 15th and 16th The Parker’s Plantation 8550 W. University Dr. Denton, TX Tickets:

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