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One City Headliner Spotlight: Johnny Funk

Johnny Funk, a name synonymous with Dallas nightlife, headlines One City Music and Art Festival 2018 on Sunday Sept 16th. This man works hard and if you have visited the world famous Lizard Lounge in Dallas, TX, you have no doubt danced the night away to one of his sets.

But wait, there’s more! Johnny also hops back on the decks to close the after the headliner closes their set. That’s right, double duty and an opportunity to reach those late night/early morning party people. Funk keeps the party going until 4am in the morning which requires a lot of energy. That is work, dedication, passion, and love for music that most wouldn’t understand.

You are appreciated!

As the house DJ for Lizard Lounge, Johnny Funk has opened for some of the biggest names in the dance music industry on a weekly basis. Regardless of the genre, Johnny steps in and sets the tone for the remainder of the night. He is a professional and handles opening and closing sets with smooth transitions for the headlining act.

Johnny Funk even headlined a show for EDM DFW, Fireworks Over Sound, which was held in Dallas, TX at Taboo Lounge. That bridge and connection continues with Johnny headlining One City Music and Art Festival. It’s about respect, and we respect the work that Johnny Funk puts in and his dedication to the DFW nightlife.

Johnny Funk Location: Dallas, TX Genre: House Music, Bass, Music: Soundcloud Social: Facebook, Twitter

One City Music and Art Festival 2018 Dates: September 15th and 16th Location: The Parker’s Plantation and Event Center Ticketing Link:

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