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One City Headliner Spotlight: Jabee

Oklahoma City has a bright star making noise on the national Hip-Hop scene. Jabee, born Jonathan Blake Williams Jr., has been performing and rapping since the age of seven. By the age of eighteen, he was creating his own projects after performing at numerous underground parties during high school.

Jabee’s work extends beyond the microphone. Most recently he participated in a reenactment of the Oklahoma City Sit-Ins. These sit-ins represented a change in the segregation policy during the Civil Rights movement at an OKC drug store in 1958 when 13 children were refused service for a hamburger and coke.

Jabee is also doing some really fun things with the city’s support. He recently celebrated his birthday with a Facebook livestream with the Mayor of Oklahoma City. The two talked social issues while chowing down on chicken and beer.

Jabee is also part of a group responsible for reopening the historic Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City. He also won an Emmy for his work with Science Museum Oklahoma. It’s this type of community involvement that makes Jabee a perfect fit for One City Music and Art Festival. We Party With A Purpose and Jabee’s lifework is filed with purpose.

Some of Jabee’s influence include the legendary 2Pac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G, The Geto Boys, Lord Finesse, and El P. He has received praise from the likes of Chuck D, Sway Calloway and MURS.

Jabee Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Genre: Hip Hop Music: Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

You can see Jabee in Denton, TX on Saturday September 15th at One City Music and Art Festival.


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