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OCMG Releases: Scream Inside Your Heart By Lee Leprechaun

Collin Beasley, known as Lee Leprechaun, releases his first full-length album entitled, Scream Inside Your Heart. Staying true to his craft, Lee Leprechaun continues to bend genres while increasing his musical range. His latest project is a Tech House heavy album but also features elements of dubstep and Lofi grooves. All of this points to LeeLeprechaun's growth and maturation as an artist.

Never one to be cornered into a box, Scream Inside Your Heart is a mix of the many sounds of electronic music. "Being one dimensional isn't who I am. I don't want to be limited to one hallway."

This mindset gives Lee Leprechaun the freedom to experiment and have fun on this album. The lead single is entitled 'G-Wave.' The heavy synth and drums are a blend of Tech and Bass House. It will definitely get your head bouncing to the beat. The softer and more melodic track 'Le House' is perfect for chilling at home with its Lofi House study session vibes.

Get to know Lee Leprechaun

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