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Get To Know The Performers of Road To One City: Split Personality

Split Personality, the dynamic duo of 2Much and Lee’Ru hail from Oklahoma City. Known for their style of Fusion Hip Hop, the two have collaborated to bring a high energy style of entertainment to their audience. While the two have aligned through the creative process, their upbringing was completely different.

2Much is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and Lee’Ru grew up in LA before calling Oklahoma City home. The pair linked connected upon arrival to Oklahoma City and found they shared a passion for entertaining people. Split Personality stated their passion goes beyond music. They enjoy making people laugh, dancing and simply being the life of the party. It’s a rare gift to keep people engaged and entertained. We believe Split Personality has found their calling.

Their music career started off simply as smoke session freestyles. Their musical influences include Outkast, Krizz Kalico, and Big Sean. The chemistry between the two blossomed as they became aware of their knack for entertainment. This natural synergy led to the creation of Split-Personality.

The two launch their ascent into the music world ready to keep people entertained. Recently the pair released a new mixtape, “Diagnosed”, and hosted “Party in The City” featuring Chris Savage. Whoever said rap shows are boring, must have missed a Split Personality show. We are excited to see them bring that energy and passion to Road to One City: OKC.

For more information about Split Personality, follow them on social media.

Event Details

Saturday March 10 2018

18+ // 8:00PM-4:00AM

The Venue OKC // 1757 NW 16th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

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