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Get To Know The Performers of Road to One City OKC: Jon Jonezg

Jonathan “JON JONEZ” Jones is a Dallas native who grew up playing the clarinet before attending Southern Methodist University. The Dallas Morning News describes him as “A passionate and virtuosic musician responsible for all-out playing.” While at SMU he studied clarinet under Paul Garner. Jones currently holds positions as Principal Clarinet for the Dallas Chamber Symphony as well as the Las Colinas Symphony.

An accomplished competitor, Jonathan won the Gold Medal from the President of the Republic of Italy along with the Grand Prize at the International Music Competition “Citta di Valentino,” Castellaneta, Italy. The accolades keep coming. Jones was the first clarinetist in 52 years to win the grand prize of the Ft. Collins Symphony International Artist Competition. Aside from his classical roots, Jones has toured the globe playing all kinds of music on a plethora of instruments like the slide didgeridoo, Sumatran saranaui and the Chinese hulusi. Jonathan has performed at prominent world music festivals in China, Sumatra, Bali and Java as well as appearances in popular jazz festivals throughout Italy.

Jones’ talents are off the charts. He is a musician, music producer, composer and DJ. He has made appearances around the globe showcasing his ability to DJ while playing clarinet, sax or his Electronic Wind Instrument. His current work includes ‘Apollos Flight,’ Electronic Instrument Duo with Marek Eneti. His favorite genres of music include Classical, Jazz, World Music, Dubstep, Trap, Bass, and House. According to Jon, “I have no limit but I love fat ass bass!” Bassnectar is one of his musical influences and but Bass Mechanic’s remix of Bach’s “Tocata and Fugue” caught his attention during high school.

“I had to have subs in my first car and would love to bump anything that went hard! Another friend of mine burned me a bunch of Aphex Twin and DJ Icey stuff when I was in high school. At that time I was super into hip-hop and rap though. I loved the bass and beats and that’s why the transition to bass music and EDM was so easy; because I realized with the EDM stuff it was more fat ass bass and crazier beats and buildups and less repetition and vocals. It was more about the music.” -Jon Jonez-

Upcoming projects include a May performance in Taiwan with his world music group, The Bridge. He also recorded all of the woodwinds for a film entitled ‘The Conway Curve’ featuring music by Brian Satterwhite. For more information about Jon Jonez, follow him on social media.

Event Details

Saturday March, 10 2018

18+ // 8:00PM-4:00AM

The Venue OKC // 1757 NW 16th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

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