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Get To Know The Performers of Road To One City: Melee Max

Dallas alternative Hip-Hop and EDM artist Melee Max joins the gang headed to Oklahoma City. Melee Max is a lot of things. He is a poet, writer, designer and musician. He pushes the envelope combining different forms of art and music to create his own sound. In fact, his art influences the music that he makes.

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When speaking with Melee Max he said, “A lot of times the creative design is complete before I begin making the music. The music becomes a part of the art that is designed.” There is a lot of truth in Melee’s statement as he and his associates create their own lane of music and design crafted from their life experiences.

Melee Max has been involved in the dance music scene community for over eight years. The experience and knowledge gained has help him build community within the DFW scene. His true passion lies with the Anime scene. He has been an Anime enthusiast for over a decade; attending conventions when they come to town. This passion for art and music was part of his evolution and lead to the founding of Kitchen Sink HQ.

Kitchen Sink HQ is a source for culture in Dallas-Fort Worth. They outfit showcase art, fashion and music. Melee Max’s and Kitchen Sink HQ’s artistic flair, creativity and fashion lead to features in music news publications and blogs. They focus on building community with other art and music creatives.

The Kitchen Sink HQ Boss has kept busy with numerous shows across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The wide-ranging events include weddings, private parties, major events, anime conventions, and local clubs. With all the shows and team building he still finds the time to work on his craft every day. This includes hours refining his DJing and music producing skills to provide a higher level of entertainment. Melee Max performs Saturday March 10th at EDM DFW’s Road to One City OKC.

For more information about Melee Max, follow him on social media.

Event Details

Saturday March 10 2018

18+ // 8:00PM-4:00AM

The Venue OKC // 1757 NW 16th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

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