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EDM DFW Announce One City Benefit

EDM DFW announces our community benefit for One City Music and Art Festival 2018. Our 2018 festival will benefit Vogel Alcove and Keep Denton Beautiful. A portion of each ticket sold ($5) benefits these nonprofit organizations and their work. Read below to learn more about Vogel Alcove and Keep Denton Beautiful.

Vogel Alcove Vogel Alcove serves as many as 200 children each day. Their services allow children to learn, grow and thrive in a place free from hunger or trauma. Parents, most of whom are single mothers, have the opportunity to work, look for work or go to school while their children are in the care of Vogel Alcove.

Vogel Alcove give homeless families a chance to overcome their circumstances. Their highly-trained teachers and staff provide therapeutic early childhood and school-aged programs, family support and physical/mental health services, all tailored to the needs of homeless children ages six weeks to 12 years old.

Vogel Alcove:

Keep Denton Beautiful

Keep Denton Beautiful engages Denton neighborhoods, businesses, and residents of all ages in creating a clean and beautiful Denton. Their vision is a clean, beautiful, and vibrant Denton. Their current campaigns include funding community gardens in Denton neighborhoods and schools as well as a program to stop cigarette butt litter. For nearly three decades, they have partnered with Denton neighborhoods, businesses, community groups, and families to achieve our vision of a clean, beautiful, vibrant city.

Using the Keep America Beautiful model of community engagement, KDB works directly with Dentonites to inspire positive change, and provide residents the resources they need to leave a lasting mark on the beauty, health, and quality of life in their city. More than 6,000 volunteers help Keep Denton Beautiful support dozens of community improvement projects and events each year.

Keep Denton Beautiful:

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