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Dive into the Trance Realm with Billy Millings' "Follow Me To Darkness" - A Future Sounds Debut

London, England - Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey with Billy Millings' latest trance masterpiece, "Follow Me To Darkness," presented by Future Sounds, the new frontier of progressive house and trance music under One City Music Group. This groundbreaking track marks our first-ever trance release, showcasing our commitment to diversifying the world of dance music. Set to drop on November 10, this exhilarating tune is already creating waves and can be pre-ordered right now! Pre-order here:

Hailing from London, England, Billy Millings has been an integral part of the OCMG family since 2020, consistently proving his versatility across various genres. His recent project, "Block Rocking Beats 63," has been a massive hit, featuring an array of house and tech house tracks that guarantee to get you grooving. This mix is a testament to his prowess, blending infectious rhythms with an energy that's uniquely Billy. 🎧

A photo of DJ and music producer Billy Millings

Embrace the power of music and join us in celebrating this monumental release. "Follow Me To Darkness" isn't just a track; it's a doorway to new musical horizons. Billy Millings is not just a name to remember; he's an artist shaping the future of trance and progressive house. Be part of this thrilling journey and pre-order now to ensure you're one of the first to experience this trailblazing track! 💫 [Pre-order link.

Don't forget to follow Billy Millings on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, and Instagram to stay updated with his musical escapades. Let's unite under the spellbinding beats of "Follow Me To Darkness" and witness the evolution of trance music. Pre-order today and join us in making history!


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