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Commentary From The Editor

The madness happening right now is creating a wave of radical change. I believe change is needed and it starts with the youth. It starts with the poor.  Movements start with the people who have been left out.    ??

Change is needed and change is uncomfortable. What is not needed is negativity and hate.  When you are passionate about something be careful of walking the line of positive enthusiasm vs malicious attacks against opposing views. The merit of righteous ideas are exclusive of berating others.???????

People are getting active. I love this! Use your voice! Do not be afraid to voice your opinion.  Remember opinions are shaped by each individual’s perspective of the world they live in.  Instead of arguing, ask questions to gain insight on why others feel the way they do. It just might provide additional clarity and awareness.   ?

Young people…Stick to the plan! There were a lot of upset youth who got involved in their community for the first time in 2016.  Sometimes the work and sacrifices you make does not pan out the way you expected.  Do not be deterred. We need positive change. And we need love. ??

Brandon Webb the Trill Raver

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