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City Rescue Mission of Oklahoma City

One City Music & Art Festival continues their mission to “Party With a Purpose” with the announcement of supporting City Rescue Mission of Oklahoma City. Road to One City: OKC, EDM DFW‘s March 10th event at The Venue OKC, will also serve as a collection center for donated items.

City Rescue Mission provides several services for those in need in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Serving as a shelter for those without a home, City Rescue Mission provides meals, clothing, medical care, and a recovery program called Bridge to Life. The Bridge to Life Program offers assistance by empowering clients to secure a stable home. The program offers short term assistance but digs deeper with specialized services like their school program, work program, and a holistic recovery program.

Founded in May of 1960, City Rescue Mission is open 365 days of the year helping single men, single women, and women with children. They provided services to an average of 410 people a day in the previous year. The City of Oklahoma estimates 5,472 to 6,840 people are homeless annually in Oklahoma City based on their one day survey.

Other results found in the 2017 Point in Time Count of Oklahoma City’s homeless include:

  1. 147 veterans who are homeless, compared to 157 last year

  2. 118 families with children experiencing homelessness, compared to 92 last year

  3. 37 percent are female, 63 percent are male

  4. 62 percent are white, 27 percent are black, nine percent are Native American

  5. 22 percent are under the age of 24, and 64 unaccompanied youth were counted

  6. 451 people, 33 percent of the population, report mental illness

  7. 547 people, 40 percent of the population, report substance abuse

One City Music & Art Festival is accepting donated items on the day of the event. Items to bring include canned goods, school supplies, personal hygiene products, and medical supplies. For a complete list of items to donate, browse City Rescue Mission’s list. This drive is open to all which includes those not attending the event because it’s all about supporting the community of Oklahoma City. If you are interested in making a donation directly to City Rescue Mission click here.

To lead our community by serving the homeless and near homeless with help, hope, and healing, in the spirit of excellence, under the call of Christ. -City Rescue Mission Statement-

For more information about City Rescue Mission, visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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